10 Best Morning Sickness Snacks For Your First Trimester

While every pregnant mommy has preferences and aversions, this list of neutral-tasting and neutral-smelling snacks ticks most of the boxes.

10 Best Morning Sickness Snacks For Your First Trimester

Morning sickness is a rather common part of every pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester. It does not matter if you are a first-time mom or not, it is generally painful and uncomfortable to deal with it. If you have experienced morning sickness during any of your pregnancies, chances are that you also had to deal with a lot of unwarranted advice. Everyone seems to think they know a cure or a fix to help make you feel better. What almost no one does is know which foods work best with morning sickness and are easily digestible.

Morning sickness usually starts around the sixth week of pregnancy. Now, if you are experiencing it for the first time, you are probably wondering “will morning sickness ever end?” Yes. Around the start of the second trimester, your symptoms will alleviate. However, until then you need to be able to manage it properly as well as feed your body sufficiently. As everyone dishes out morning sickness remedies at you, we know you have heard too much of it. The list curated below includes some mommy-favorite foods that are palatable and neutral in taste. One of the biggest things that trigger morning sickness is the smell of food. This list of snacks comprises neutral-smelling foods or foods that do not have a strong smell.

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Every mother’s pregnancy journey varies but, some of our favorite snacks to consume while dealing with morning sickness are:

1. Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to consume a lot of proteins and nutrients. While there are hundreds of thousands of recipes for green smoothies, those might be a little difficult to consume during morning sickness. A simple banana smoothie makes use of only three ingredients. You will need a cup of oat milk, a small peeled orange, and about half a frozen banana. Blend it all together! Refreshing and packed with proteins and calcium, it is definitely a mommy’s favorite.

2. Greek Yogurt (with berries)

This popular food made an entry on our list of 8 Superfoods to Boost Brain Development and Intelligence as well. This superfood is equally beneficial for mothers suffering from morning sickness. Greek yogurt is packed with about 2 or 3 times the normal amount of proteins in yogurt. Paired with some delicious berries, this snack will keep you full and sated for longer than usual. The fruits also help keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

3. Coconut Milk Chia Pudding

With healthy fats and plenty of minerals, this snack is bound to keep you full and satisfied. Soaking the chia seeds in coconut milk makes for a delectable plant-based snack. You can always add some honey or cinnamon or even jam to sweeten things up a bit. This snack doubles up as dessert as well for when your sugar cravings are through the roof.

4. Toast

Toast is renowned for being a total wonder-food when it comes to upset stomachs. With morning sickness and nausea, toast can be a pregnant mommy’s best friend during the first trimester. Moreover, it is so versatile. You can create full meals out of it, pack your favorite veggies in it for a sandwich, or top it off with avocado or butter for some healthy fats.

5. Popcorn

Whether you like it buttered or air-popped, popcorn is a snack that will never fail you. Full of fiber and deliciously crunchy, it comes together in just a few minutes. You can prepare it yourself or you can order it. Either way, it is a healthy snack that fixes your cravings for savory foods and when you need that essential crunch. Besides, you can have fun with your toppings that range from parmesan to olive oil to even nutritional yeast.

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6. Crackers

Yes, we know! Everyone you know has told you to have crackers to cure morning sickness. But, hear us out. Crackers come in all shapes, types, and sizes. One of our favorites happens to be flax crackers. They have fibers, protein, and fatty acids that are good for you. You can definitely have them plain. However, if you are feeling fancy, top them off with cheese or nut butter of your choice. They will keep you satisfied for longer and keep your nausea at bay.

7. Dates

We cannot stress enough how important dates are (both the fruit and the romantic engagement)! Not only are they a healthy way to combat your sugar cravings, but they are also packed with minerals and iron. One of our favorite ways to have them is to remove the pit and stuff the dates with heavy cream or nut butter. If you want to add some more texture, you can also add almonds or pistachios, or walnuts inside. You will quickly fall in love with this little bite-sized snack.

8. Chickpeas

We love our chickpeas roasted and salted. You can also pick the spicy ones as well. They are a solid source of magnesium, fibers, and proteins. Chickpeas are quite filling and can keep you full for far longer than other snacks. Plus, they are so delightful to munch on.

9. Protein Bars

It is very important to always have a stash of protein bars available at all times in your pantry. As soon as you begin your pregnancy journey, make sure to start stocking up. The best way to have them is chilled from the fridge. They work great on an empty stomach or even as a late afternoon bite. As a mommy suffering from morning sickness, you need handy sources of nutrition to keep you healthy.

10. Pineapples

Pineapples are notorious for being a great choice to combat morning sickness. The bromelain present in pineapples is ideal for an upset stomach. You can choose to have it fresh or blend it in a smoothie. You can also mix it with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for extra protein.

To answer some of the more frequently asked questions regarding morning sickness in the first trimester, we have compiled the following list for you:

Is morning sickness constant?

This is a question that a lot of first-time mothers ask. And the answer is no! You will experience variations and fluctuations as you progress with the pregnancy. Some days will be better than others and some might be worse. What matters most is how you take care of your health during this period.

Is morning sickness a sign of a girl?

While a lot of people like to suggest that excessive morning sickness is an indicator that you are pregnant with a girl, there is no evidence to prove this. Instead of depending on how many times you throw up during your first trimester to judge the gender of your unborn child, just visit your doctor. It will save you a lot of guesswork.

Can morning sickness start at 2 weeks?

Morning sickness usually starts two weeks after your missed period. That would generally be around the sixth week of pregnancy, but there is no hard and fast rule to determine that. Your first trimester will definitely be the most challenging. Towards the second trimester, you will experience lesser morning sickness.

While every pregnant mommy has preferences and aversions, this list of snacks ticks most of the boxes. The best part about these foods is that they are small and packed with nutrients. They make sure you do not spend the day on an empty stomach while also maintaining your blood sugar levels. Your body is growing a baby and it’s important that it receives all the nutrients it needs for your and your baby’s wellbeing.

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