How Invidyo Sleep Tracking Works

Getting started with Invidyo Sleep Tracking in three steps.

1. Set Up Your Camera

Sleep Tracking works when the Invidyo camera can see the surface of the crib. Mount and point the camera to view the crib completely. A top-down view is ideal. Sleep Tracking can also work when the crib is viewed at an angle.

Fix the camera's position so that it does not move. It is not necessary to mount the camera on a wall, but it is recommended.

2. Mark Crib Location

Your crib's location must be marked on the Invidyo App to start Sleep Tracking. Tap the Sleep Tracking button on the Sleep Analysis page to mark the crib's location. Cover all the squares your baby can occupy during sleep on the app. Sleep tracking will start working once crib location is saved.

When Sleep Tracking is enabled, a green "Enabled" marker will appear on the "Sleep Tracking" button on the app. To disable Sleep Tracking, remove all marked squares for the crib location.

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View Sleep Tracking Results

You can view Sleep Tracking results on the Sleep Analysis page. Sleeping and awake intervals are marked on the Sleep Periods Graph. This graph provides a weekly panorama of sleep cycles. Sleeping periods are divided into naps and night sleeps.

View Sleep Tracking Results

Total daily sleep durations are displayed on the Sleep Duration Graph. You can follow daily changes on this graph. If you are sleep-training your baby, this graph allows you to track training outcomes.

View Sleep Tracking Results

You can use video clips of crib activity to see what has happened while your baby sleeps. Sleep video clips are listed on the Sleep Logs list, just below the graphs. Manual labels are also shown on this list if you use manual sleep labeling.

View Sleep Tracking Results

At the end of the week, average daily sleep and nap durations can be seen on the Sleep Durations Summary. You can use these average numbers to be sure your baby's getting enough sleep.

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