How it works?

Choose Your Subscription

What's included in the subscription?

Your Invidyo membership includes a free Invidyo Smart Baby Monitor with a lifetime warranty, access to the Invidyo app, which includes smart features to make parenthood easier, from sleep tracking to cry/cough analysis. Invidyo is continually adding new features and functionality directly to the app without the need to buy a new monitor in the future.

Receive the Invidyo Smart Baby Monitor

What's included in the subscription?

Every Invidyo monitor comes with a mounting crib that you can use to place the monitor easily wherever you like, plus unlimited access to the Invidyo app. All Invidyo devices are covered under a lifetime warranty.

Upgrade when new monitor is released

How do device upgrades work?

Invidyo subscribers are eligible to upgrade to the latest generation of the monitor. Returning your current Invidyo hardware is required at the time of upgrade.

Return your monitor when you're done

How do device returns work?

If you cancel or end your Invidyo subscription, you'll need to send your Invidyo monitor back to us.