Invidyo AI Features

Leverage AI-driven insights to gain a deeper understanding of your baby's well-being. Access invaluable data on crying, sleeping, and coughing patterns. Enjoy automated daily summary videos and receive real-time alerts regarding any notable changes.

Meet the demands of parenting

Invidyo harnesses the power of AI to enhance your parenting decisions. Its intelligent capabilities provide real-time insights into short-term changes and continuously monitor and analyze long-term progress. Invidyo not only offers data-driven guidance but also preserves your most precious moments, ensuring they're forever etched in your memory.

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Sleep Tracking

Harness the power of Invidyo Sleep Tracking, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Unlock the ability to effortlessly chart your baby's sleep patterns, including the precise times of falling asleep and waking up, as well as periods of wakefulness within the crib. Adaptively track your baby's sleep routines to optimize nap times and monitor the progress of sleep training.

Our AI-driven system requires minimal setup – position the camera to observe the crib, mark it within the app, and you're ready to embark on your sleep tracking journey. Dive into comprehensive sleep insights with at-a-glance sleep summaries, while the sleep durations dashboard provides a holistic view of both sleeping and wakeful intervals. Gain deeper insights into weekly sleep cycles with the sleep periods graph, and monitor daily sleep durations through the intuitive sleep durations graph. Welcome to the future of baby sleep analysis with Invidyo AI.

Invidyo baby sleep tracking

Cough & Cry Analysis

Is your baby exhibiting an unusual pattern of crying today? Are your toddler's allergies showing signs of improvement or worsening? Invidyo's AI-driven system identifies crying and coughing episodes, instantly notifying you while maintaining a comprehensive record of these events. Stay informed about unexpected trends in crying or coughing.

Access recordings of coughing and crying through the Invidyo App. Cry insights provide concise one-sentence descriptions of daily events compared to the previous week, complemented by daily graphs. Crying events are thoughtfully plotted on a weekly grid graph, offering insights into your baby's fussier moments and any unexpected crying occurrences.

Baby cough and cry analysis on baby monitor app

Daily Summaries with AI Insights

Get a quick overview of your baby's daily activities. Daily summary videos are a great way to conveniently keep up with your baby in a minute. You can download and share summary videos.

monitor baby breathing, coughing and smiling

Capturing Smiles and Saving Memories

A happy child is one of the most beautiful things in our world. You will never miss a smile with the automated smile album. When there is a moment you would like to save, make a memory video out of recorded event videos. You can tag and search memories. Captured smiles and saved memories are yours forever.

Invidyo will detect when your baby is smiling and snap a picture. You can combine event videos to save as a memory. You can share and download smile snapshots and memory videos.

Invidyo smart baby camera & app

AI-Enhanced Smart Notifications

Get smart alerts for crying, coughing, people seen in the camera and unwanted temperature changes. You won't be bothered with every small sound or motion since you can choose the type and sensitivity of notifications to receive.

Invidyo detects crying, coughing and faces, as well as motion, sound, temperature changes, and connectivity changes. You can adjust sensor sensitivity and disable notifications over the app. You can also label people in events so that Invidyo will notify you when known and unknown people are seen.

baby monitor app notifications

Popular Features

Beyond smart features, we want to help you with the details too.
Here is some of what Invidyo can do for you.

• Lullabies and Noise Machine

Invidyo Camera can play charming lullabies and soothing sounds (including shushing, wavws, white and pink noise) controlled over the app.

• Flexible Crib Mount

You get a flexible crib mount with your Invdiyo Camera. Invidyo Camera also has an integrated tripod adapter if you want to use your own crib mount.

• Account Sharing

You can share your Invidyo account with others easily. You and your spouse can share all Invidyo features while using your individual logins.

• Background Audio

Listen to your baby while doing something else on your phone. You can even listen when your phone is locked. Audio feed from the Invidyo Camera will continue playing when you send Invidyo App to background.

• Two-Way Talk

Invidyo keeps you close to your baby even when you are away. Two-way mic communication enables you to converse with your child wherever you are.

• Remote Pan and Tilt

No matter where you put it, remotely rotate the camera to see every corner of the room. Combined with the wide angle of view, you will have no blind spots.

• Support

Our support team will not rest until you are happy. You can access Invidyo Support directly from within the app. Our median response time to support requests is under an hour. We are ready to help you with any problem. If you have any suggestion about making Invidyo better, we are ready to hear that too.

• Other Features

With Invidyo Camera and Invidyo App, you will also be able to:

  • Watch live video locally and remotely.
  • Filter and watch event videos recorded when motion or sound is detected (as well as when smart alerts are activated).
  • Download and share event videos, daily summary videos, memory videos and smile snapshots.
  • Remotely turn the camera on and off.
  • Watch your baby when the lights are off with night vision.
  • Enjoy video quality up to 1080p with wide angle of view.

Have better sleep with Invidyo Smart Baby Monitor and App

Invidyo's AI-driven system proactively notifies you of any fluctuations in your baby's nursery environment, ensuring a more restful sleep for both you and your little one.

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