Invidyo App Features

Know better how your baby is sleeping, crying and coughing.
Have automatic daily summary videos. Get real alerts about any changes.

Sleep Tracking

Invidyo allows you to enter your child's sleep information easily with just a few clicks. You can then use our intuitive graphs to keep tabs on your child's sleep patterns and make sure that they are getting enough sleep.

Cough & Cry Analysis

You can count your baby's coughs and cries automatically with Invidyo so you can decide about seeing the doctor when any unexpected trend arises. You can use historic reports to see exact timing of coughs and cries happened during a period of time.

Capturing Smiles

A happy child is one of the most beautiful things in our world. We just can't have enough pictures of our kids smiling. Invidyo automatically determines when your baby is smiling and captures a high resolution picture.


Create videos of every beautiful memory of your baby. Share them with family and friends. Convert event recordings into memories and keep them as long as needed. You can filter memory types, e.g. memories that has a human face.

Smart Notifications

Get smart alerts when motion, sound or undesired temperature is detected in your baby's room. You won't be bothered with every small sound or motion since you can choose the type and sensitivity of notifications to receive.

Daily Summaries

Invidyo records every second of your baby’s day and gives you a quick summary of what you missed. Invidyo's intuitive interface makes it very easy to watch past recordings. You can download or share recorded events with loved ones.

Have better sleep with Invidyo Smart Baby Monitor and App

Invidyo Smart Baby Monitor and App uses AI to alert you of any changes about your baby's nursery conditions

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