How to Setup Sleep Tracking (Beta)

This feature is in beta stage.

How to use?

Mount and point the camera to view the crib completely. A top-down view is ideal.
Mark crib location on camera's viewpoint on the app, by tapping “Mark Crib Location” button on Sleep Analysis page.
Sleep tracking will start automatically.
Go to Sleep Analysis page to view the results and animated snapshots.
Make sure the camera or the crib is not moved while sleep tracking is active.
Make sure motion detection is enabled on the camera.

Marking the crib

Mark all squares your child can occupy while sleeping on camera's viewpoint on the app (tap “Mark Crib Location” button on Sleep Analysis page to see camera's viewpoint).
If viewing from top, select the surface of the mattress.

Examples of crib positioning and Marking
Top-down, vertical and/or horizontal crib – Best Performance:

Camera is mounted on the wall, looking down.


Diagonal positioning – Worse performance:

Camera is put on a high shelf or the top of a wardrobe, looking diagonally at the crib/bed.


Examples of Poor positioning:

Camera is mounted on the crib, or put on a low shelf, and the whole crib is not visible.


Examples of poor crib marking:

The crib is not marked entirely.


Non-crib squares are also marked.


The whole frame is marked.


Non connected regions are marked.



Auto-sleep performance will reduce if:

  • Camera or the crib position has changed. Re-mark the crib location for better performance.
  • Part of the crib is not visible to camera. Mount camera so that the crib is completely within the video frame.
  • The crib is rocking while sleeping. Make sure the crib is fixed and stable during sleep for best performance.
  • Your child is sleeping with a cover. Cover will hide body shape and motion.
  • Your child is sleeping with a caregiver. Caregiver's movements will reduce performance.
  • There is a toddler-sized toy, like a teddy bear, left in the bed. Take toys out of the bed when your child is not in the bed.
  • Not all movements are captured by the camera. Increase motion detection sensitivity for best performance.