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"Like something out of Black Mirror, this innovative gadget, Invidyo AI Video Baby Camera, uses artificial intelligence to pick out your baby's face as well as their emotions."

"The standout feature is that Invidyo filters the important parts of the child's day into summary videos that parents can view from their phones"

"Invidyo is using A.I. to give parents highlights and smart notifications when they are away at work."

"Invidyo is the technology to have if you are a working parent, or just want to keep an eye on your babysitter."

Bring home reliable smart baby monitoring

Track your baby’s sleep, cry and smile and know baby is okay

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Sleep Tracking

Research shows that lack of adequate sleep in the first 24 months of a child's life can cause physical and cognitive developmental problems in the future.

Enter your child's sleep information easily with just a few clicks. You can then use our intuitive graphs to keep tabs on your child's sleep patterns and make sure that they are getting enough sleep.

More about Invidyo Sleep Tracking

Track Cough & Cry

Invidyo determines when your baby coughs or cries and sends you a notification right away. It does not stop there. It calculates the total number of coughs and cries and durations of coughing and crying episodes. It presents a daily summary of this data so that you can understand whether everything is on track or you need to take action to soothe your baby or consult a pediatrician.

Capture Smiles

A happy child is one of the most beautiful things in our world. We just can't have enough pictures of our kids smiling. Invidyo automatically determines when your baby is smiling and captures a high resolution picture. With invidyo you can stop worrying about missing a picture and just enjoy the moment with your child.

Invidyo Features
Invidyo Features



Sound Detection


Sleep Tracking, Daily Summaries


Bring home smart baby monitoring.
For $14.99/mo. Cancel anytime.



Sound Detection
1080p Full HD


Sleep Tracking
Daily Summaries


The baby monitor that allows you
to log your baby's sleep.

Easily log
your baby's sleep.


Invidyo is always on the
look out for you.

Invidyo is always
on the look out.



Invidyo immediately sends you a notification when your baby cries and provides cry trends analysis over time.

Invidyo sends a notification when your baby cries and provides cry trends analysis.

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Invidyo Baby Care Bundle


Smart baby monitor with sleep quality and cough/cry count tracking

Bundle includes: FREE Invidyo Monitor + Invidyo App with all Features - $150 saving! After a year of subscription, Invidyo Smart Baby Camera will be yours. Cancel anytime.

Get Your Bundle Now
Get Your Bundle Now
Get Your Bundle Now
Get Your Bundle Now
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Ships in 1 day

Free Monitor

Award-winning baby monitor

30-day Money-back Guarantee

2-year warranty

Cancel Anytime
Offer terms apply*

Have better sleep for the whole family

Invidyo helps you to know about your baby's conditions better and have easier nights for the whole family

Get better sleep for your baby

Use Invidyo's intuitive graphs to keep tabs on your child's sleep patterns and make sure they are getting enough sleep.

Invidyo vs. Owlet

Filter and watch moments

Filter your baby's videos by motions and sounds like cry and cough. You can also filter moments when a specific face is detected in your baby's crib.

Get alerts you need

Invidyo helps you to get notified by motion, sound, new face and cry. You can easily turn alerts on and off according to your need.

Sleep Tracking

See what Invidyo parents are saying

“I am so happy that I purchased Invidyo baby monitor. I wasn’t aware that a baby monitor had so many features until I got this one.

- Carolina C

What is included in the Invidyo Baby Care Bundle?

Award-winning Invidyo Smart Baby Camera
All Camera and App Features
Face Detection
Cry Graphs & History
Smile Detection7 Days Event Recording
7 Days Daily Summaries
10 Hours Memory Clips

How it works

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What is included with the Invidyo subscription?

The Invidyo subscription consists of:

  • Invidyo Smart Baby Camera, provided free of charge
  • Invidyo Care plan for Invidyo App

Invidyo Care plan provides the most advanced baby monitoring available with features like sleep tracking, daily highlights videos, crying and cough analysis, face detection, smile detection and much more. 

Care plan also includes a 7-day video history that enables you to go back and watch event recordings of the last 7 days.

Why is Invidyo a subscription?

Subscription provides a lower-cost way for customers to try the most advanced smart monitoring without a high upfront cost. Invidyo also believes in continuing to deliver new features, analytics, and benefits, and a subscription model allows us to continue investing in the best possible customer experience.

After purchasing the Invidyo subscription, do I need to pay for the Invidyo Application to be able to use my camera?

No. You will have everything you need for monitoring your baby with the Invidyo subscription.

How long do I need to keep my subscription active?

After 12 months, you may cancel your subscription anytime. This will disable the video history and advanced features, but you will still keep live streaming and basic features like two-way talk.

In case of an earlier cancellation or failed regular payment, you will be required to either pay the full camera’s price of $149.99 or return the camera. If you choose to pay the full camera price you will be able to continue using the camera without the advanced features and video history.

In case there’s no regular payment and no camera price compensation, the live streaming and all features become disabled.

Does the camera come with wall mount apparatus?

We provide a flexible crib mount that you can use to mount the camera practically anywhere. If you prefer wall mounting, we also provide a wall mount and the necessary screws.

How many Invidyo cameras do I need to buy? Should I put a camera to every room in the house?

Our customers usually prefer to buy 2 or 3 cameras. We suggest installing one in the room that the child sleeps, one in the room that he/she spends most of his/her time during the day. The 3rd one can be placed either in the kitchen where he/she eats or in the living room monitoring the daily routine. You will be able to access all your invidyo cameras from our mobile app.

Can I move the camera head remotely?

Yes you can remotely Pan or Tilt the camera from our app. In addition to this, invidyo has a 130 degree wide angle lens meaning that the camera allows you to see most of the room even when you are not actively moving the camera. This ensures that your event recordings captured during the day also have great coverage of the room.

Does Invidyo have 2-way audio functionality?

Yes, we have 2 way audio. You can send you own voice to the camera or choose to play one of our pre-loaded lullabies. Simply go to the live video screen and press & hold the microphone button.

Can I watch my cameras from 2 different mobile devices simultaneously?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of mobile devices that you can simultaneously use to watch your cameras.

Do I need to set up each mobile device that I want to access Invidyo from?

No, you only need to perform the QR code setup when you first connect your camera to your WI-FI router and again if you ever change your WI-FI password. No need to do it again just for using the invidyo app on another mobile device. You can just login with your username and password and start accessing your cameras from a new mobile device. You can also allow other users to access your cameras using account settings in our mobile app.

Do you provide installation services?

No, Invidyo installation is straight forward and does not require any technical expertise. If you need to mount on a wall or ceiling, you can just use a local handyman. Parts necessary for wall mounting are included in the box.